So, why me?

My copy is backed by fundamental sales principles, but it fights against the urge to “fit in” — and it ranks you higher in the search engines. 

But how did I (and my copy) get here?

Here's the short version...

  • I know your goals, challenges, and market — I managed the entire marketing strategy for a VC-funded Techstars alum. SaaS is now burned into my brain.
  • I write copy for customers and search engines — driving customers is just as important as converting them. I won’t forget to optimize your site titles and meta descriptions. Trust me.
  • The value of my services exceeds just “copy” or “content” — the things we learn during my customer research phase can be applied everywhere — your investor decks, sales outreach templates, elevator pitches, and more.
  • Data isn’t discounted — I don’t write “set-it-and-forget-it” copy. Everything we change on your website/landing pages/emails will be validated for effectiveness. 

The long version? It starts with someone you wouldn't expect.

Well, it starts with me. But a different version.

I used to play “World of Warcraft” for 12 hours a day. 

Yeah, I know — sad. But here’s the thing: 

WoW was one of the first things I was really good at. I had achieved high ratings in both 2v2 and 3v3 arena battles, and my guild was one of the most prominent in my realm. I spend hundreds of hours mastering one skill at a time.

Seems like a giant waste of time, right? 

I thought so too. But as it turns out, what I learned from playing WoW would translate perfectly to my next venture…

Then I started trying other things.

Being a deadbeat was tiring. That’s when I decided to start a website development agency with my friends. 

I started writing articles about WordPress and social media in an attempt to garner some interest — but of course, no one read them. My writing sucked, and my blog was dying as a result. I needed to improve fast.

So I applied what I learned from mastering WoW to my writing. 

One baby step at a time, I practiced essential writing skills — grammar, hooks, storytelling, and more. Just like I had done in-game. 

WoW taught me how to learn. And it paid off. 

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A new opportunity appeared.

My web development agency failed.

Shortly after, however, a SaaS startup called PowerSpike reached out to me for an interview. The interview was originally for a web development position, but as soon as the conversation turned to social media and content writing, we both knew where I fit in. 

I was hired in 2017. The platform had 89 users when I joined. 

PowerSpike now has over 21,000 users and the team and I have worked with some of the largest brands in the world, including Intuit QuickBooks, Bethesda, Soylent, and more. We even had the opportunity to join Techstars Atlanta in 2018 — one of the best tech accelerators in the world (less than 1% acceptance rate). 

And that brings us to now.

I’m on a mission to replicate my success at PowerSpike with SaaS startups like yours. 

So, why me? 

I like writing different copy.

Copy that lives on the border between order and the unknown. Backed by fundamental sales principles but bold enough to rebel against boredom — the feeling you convey when you want to “fit in” instead of stand out.

I help SaaS startups bridge the gap between their products’ unique benefits and their customers’ real needs so they can convert more of their highest value customers, confidently. 

...and I'm only able to do it with lots of coffee.

Let’s get you more customers. A lot more.

I only have the bandwidth for 3 new clients a month — really. I know everyone says that, but your boy is strapped on time. Let’s talk before I’m all booked up: 

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