PowerSpike - Copywriting and Content Marketing Case Study

How the PowerSpike team and I grew the platform from 89 to 21,000 users and worked with some of the largest brands in the world:


Background and Challenges

PowerSpike is a SaaS platform and marketplace that connects Twitch.tv/Mixer livestreamers with brands for sponsorship deals. 

When I joined PowerSpike, 89 Twitch streamers and 5 brands had signed up, and interaction between the two was low. “Twitch influencer marketing” was also a foreign concept to most non-endemic brands. Instagram and YouTube had all their attention, and it was no surprise — no one knew if Twitch streamers could produce results.  

My job was to grow both sides of the marketplace fast — all while validating Twitch as an effective marketing channel.

What we achieved:

After 2 years at PowerSpike, the team and I were able to achieve some amazing results:

21,000 users driven and counting.

$50,000+ in revenue.

Front-page rankings.

So, how did we do it?

44.31% Conversion Rates on Streamer Signup Funnels

We started with the website copy.

Before we sent any qualified traffic to our website, we re-designed and re-wrote every page to ensure we grabbed the attention of our visitors and showed them how PowerSpike solves their pains and helps them achieve their goals.

Of course, this wouldn’t have been possible without conducting extensive research on our users — focused not only on learning their challenges, wants, and needs, but also on uncovering what keywords they were searching for so we could establish a strong foundation for the search engines. 


Then we focused on content.

PowerSpike had almost $0 in funding when I joined. To achieve our growth goals, we were going to have to market the business organically. That’s why I decided to drive awareness with content. 

I started by building our content strategy — updating buyer personas, planning content types, mapping our buyer’s journey, and more. Then I started producing/promoting content with the goal of establishing PowerSpike as the industry leader on Twitch influencer marketing. 

Within a few weeks, some of the largest streamers on Twitch were consuming our content and signing up.

Finally, we took to the search engines.

Our content drove great results upon its initial promotion — but I wanted to increase and sustain those results. SEO was the best way forward. 

For months following their release, I began monitoring our articles’ search rankings and making optimizations where necessary. If our competitors wrote a blog post around a valuable keyword, I’d write a post on the same subject but pack it with in-house research and quotes from industry influencers to ensure it was 10 times more valuable. 

And it worked! 

Our growth was on autopilot (and still largely is to this day). That gave us all the room we needed to strategize for the future. 

Angelo Damiano - CEO of PowerSpike

“Aaron is one of the single most talented marketers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Creatively minded, and extremely entrepreneurial, Aaron was able to single handedly grow our initial user base from a handful of around 100 users to over 20,000 in just a little over a year, completely organically."

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