1) I learned from the babies.

I used to be an avid World of Warcraft player.

It was because I learned the game one baby-step at a time.

When I discovered a new winning strategy, I focused my full attention on mastering it, and I didn’t move on until I did.

2) I wrote (and edited) every. single. day.

“Writing every day” wasn’t new to me. I was ~~ahead of the curve~~ and had established that habit a few months before.

3) I imitated (with caution).

Establishing a writing “style” is hard as f**k.

4) I hired a professional editor (once).

A few months ago, I hired Greg, a professional editor, to critique my writing.

5) I lightened up.

Writing is a burden.

I stopped taking writing so seriously.

When I write, I have low expectations.

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